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Energy & Carbon

The energy landscape in which companies operate has changed noticeably in recent years. Internationally the growing awareness of the environmental impact of industrial and commercial operations has led to a desperate increase in energy measurement and monitoring.

This has directly affected the direction that the South African government has taken in this regard. The updated IRP provides the framework for the government to map and define the direction of energy provision and climate change mitigation through various means (e.g. regulations and incentives). The most notable recent example of this is National Treasury’s intent to introduce carbon taxation from 2016.

Existing energy-related incentive programs (e.g. Green Fund) will continue and also be integrated with carbon tax regulations. As such, the monitoring, measurement, and management of energy usage and energy efficiencies will become increasingly important. This will require firms to be progressively more adept at managing energy-related processes – for instance as outlined under the ISO50001 series of standards.

A compounding issue within the South African environment is the ongoing deterioration of electricity supply performance. Despite energy security being placed highest on NERSA’s energy policy agenda, and the provisions of supply agreements and requirements outlined in NRS-048, electricity supply remains a material risk for firms operating within the country.

Why Energy and Carbon Management?

  • Short payback periods for energy efficiency projects

    • Operational efficiency projects, 2 months;

    • Equipment efficiency, 1.5 Years &

    • Technology change projects, 5 Years

  • Ever-increasing energy prices

  • Energy efficiency is the first step to carbon neutrality and/or carbon footprint reduction

  • Available incentives and subsidies (e.g. Green Fund etc.)

  • Improves CDP performance

  • Influence ranking within green ETF indexes

  • Lower the potential impact of carbon taxes

  • New draft regulations regarding registration, reporting on energy management, and submission of an energy management plan

Our Services

  • Turnkey energy efficiency/intensity improvement projects (electricity and fuel)

  • Zero Capex energy efficiency projects

  • Energy and carbon measurement, reporting, data analysis, and audits

  • Ensuring energy efficiency in new capital/ expansion projects

  • Driving mitigation through renewable energy to achieve carbon offsets

  • Developing company green supply chain and carbon-neutral / offset strategies

  • Carbon tax calculations

  • Energy Intensity Calculations

  • Annual Integrated Reporting

  • Design and technical expertise and service offering in mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, piping, civil, environmental, industrial, mining, and structural engineering

  • Compulsory DEA reporting (Company emissions and Energy Baselines)

  • Project Management of small, medium, large and mega projects

  • Project Support Services (i.e. administrative, planning, accounting, and safety)

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services

  • Construction Management and supervision services

  • Design and technical expertise and service offering in mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, piping, civil, environmental, industrial, mining, and structural engineering


Energy & Carbon Measurement, Reporting, and Data Analysis

  • Single SAP ECC 6.0 Platform to produce all relevant reports

  • Move away from MS Access and Excel computations (7-15 Steps)

  • Simple Front-End for the capturing of energy-related invoices and upload of production data (2 Steps)

  • Producing the following reports:

    • Scope 1,2 & 3 Summary Table

    • Carbon Tax Liability

    • All required inputs to Energy Report in AFS

    • Energy Intensities

    • Mandatory DEA Emission reporting

    • CDP – Quantitative component only

    • EXCO sustainability dashboard

  • Realtime updated reports

  • Front-End needs to be resilient against wrong inputs (MegaFlex tariff)


Types of projects we fund and implement include:

  1. Heating

  2. Cooling

  3. Steam systems

  4. Building controls

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