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Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence offering consist of a comprehensive set of Consulting Services and Asset Analytics Services.


Consulting Services

Consulting Services include the following :

  • Strategy , Architecture and Governance Consulting

    • Landscape design

    • Reporting strategy definition

    • Governance framework

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • Development standards and best practices

    • Documentation templates

    • Reporting decision trees

    • Lifecycle management

  • Development and Support

    • Data model and report design & build

    • Extraction, transformation and loading of data

    • Performance optimization

    • Data validation and reconciliation

    • Report authorization modelling

    • Ongoing support and maintenance


Services are based on our extensive experience and knowledge both from a Functional Areas as well as a Technology and Industry Point of view. Consulting Services are based on our previous experience , both from a Functional Area, Technology, and Industry Point of View.


Asset Analytics

Our Asset Analytics solution consists of a set of predefined reports and key performance indicators which are highly flexible and have several deployment options to suit the customer  environment. We can deliver these reports in a rapid deployment type approach as they are based on existing data model designs and definitions. Our deployment supports an open platform of connectivity for a variety of visualization tools. Included in this offering are interactive dashboards for increased user adoption and enhanced visual representations of your data to support faster decision making and problem area identification.

Our Rapid development and implementation approach provide for:

  • Pre-defined KPI definitions

  • Implementation options suited to your configuration and landscape

  • Rapid deployment based on existing data model designs

  • Enhanced BW content

  • Snapshot design for historical data reporting

  • Optimized data load strategies to support up-to-date reporting

  • Existing or customized report designs

  • Design, development and implementation of interactive dashboards

  • Post-go live support


The following Packaged Reports are included :

  • Breakdown analysis

  • Notification analysis

  • Compliance to weekly work plan

  • Deviation analysis

  • Estimation accuracy

  • Resource utilization

  • Scheduled vs All work

  • Scheduling effort

  • Work order ageing

  • Backlog orders

  • Tactical, corrective & reactive work

  • Maintenance costs


Solution Architecture Options


Solution Architecture options include:

  • ECC or ERP on HANA, BW and SAP

  • ECC, no BW and SAP

  • ERP on HANA, no BW and SAP

  • ECC, no Data Warehouse, Qlik / Tableau / Power BI / SAP Analytics Cloud

  • ECC or ERP on HANA, SQL, Qlik / Tableau / Power BI / SAP Analytics Cloud

  • ERP on HANA, no Data Warehouse, Qlik / Tableau / Power BI / SAP Analytics Cloud

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