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Work Management

Mobile Work Management – directly into the SAP System

The Collaborit Mobile Work Management App is a device-agnostic work management solution with synchronization and offline capabilities that enable users to action job cards, confirm working time and provide feedback – directly to the back-end SAP System.



The Work Management App provides a device agnostic mobile PM work management solution with both syncing and offline capabilities. Simple, intuitive and built with the end-user in mind. You can action job tickets, confirm your time and provide meaningful feedback – all integrated directly with your back-end SAP system.

Key Features

It comprises of the following core functions:

Onboarding is where you log in with your SAP credentials and create a device profile. On the login screen, simply select your profile and enter your pin/fingerprint.

The work order/job tickets execution process takes place via a work list that depicts everything in your queue. The job tickets are separated into categories like Not Started, In Progress, or Completed (based on system status).

Viewing of the relevant info to complete your work is categorized into different sections like equipment and/or functional location information; long texts from operation; documents and PRTs linked to work order and operations; measurement points linked to equipment/functional location; and feedback codes on damaged items and cause codes (pulled from SAP) – only if a work order was created from a notification.

The confirmation process allows for a time to be confirmed and captured using actual start and end dates, or by capturing hours; the capturing of measuring points related to equipment and/or functional location; the feedback of damaged object parts and cause from notification; the indicating of the different confirmations (full or partial) and providing relevant reason codes; the attaching of images from a camera, voice recording or files; and the indication and creation of a follow-on notification with a confirmation process.

The creation of notifications is easy thanks to the step-by-step Simple Wizard process that allows you to identify equipment record via a barcode or QR code. You can review the screen to confirm notification details and the intuitive and customisable question tree helps you to determine the SAP Priority, Affect and Notification types (maintenance vs malfunction).

Collaborit’s Work Management App allows you to search for details from SAP to view a specific progress, while also displaying assets and equipment records. The offline capabilities are available in offline mode and the app will sync on demand or as connectivity is found again.

Notifications are also available as a standalone app that approves unauthenticated access for non-SAP users to create notifications.

The Work Management App is available as a Work Management Kiosk providing technicians and supervisors easy access to their work and responsibilities on the shop floor.

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