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Work Area Planner

A Fiori application that provides a view on the maintenance activities of freely defined assets in your organization.


The Work Area Planner screen has 4 main sections:

  1. The work area calendar toolbar. Also contains primary selection of profile and revision (if selected).

  2. The work area calendar. Shows all assets to the left with the assigned orders to the right of each asset. Note that orders are displayed with a daily accuracy only.

  3. The orders toolbar.

  4. Selected orders section.


The Collaborit Work Area Planner is a Fiori application that provides a view on the maintenance activities of freely defined areas consisting of individual, or groups of assets in your organization.

Areas can be freely defined and may or may not be linked to existing SAP technical objects.  Multiple technical objects can be linked to any area.

The selection of maintenance orders for these assets are controlled via a pre-defined selection profile for fast selection.  Orders can also be categorised with color codes for easy identification.  Categories are freely definable and can use order characteristics like order type, maintenance activity type, status or breakdown indicators to specify the category determination.

Examples of order categories are:

  • Planned work

  • Service

  • Component change out

  • Statutory work


Key Features

  • Define area breakdown with or without reference to SAP technical objects

  • Auto assignment of work orders to assets based on three assignment algorithms

  • Color coding of work order categories freely definable

  • Add notes of meetings on the fly

  • Drag and drop assignment or moving of orders

  • View order details with one click

Key Benefits

  • UI5 web based front end compatible with SAP ECC or S/4 HANA digital cores

  • Leverages standard SAP master and transactional data, enhanced with additional data where required

  • View your asset maintenance planning on one screen for the period of selection Consolidated view of asset unavailability for a selected period of maintenance

  • Assist in integration to production control  Effective visual representation that can be used in weekly Maintenance/Production meetings

  • Free categorization and color coding of orders based on any order characteristics allows for easy visualization of types of work Highly configurable and user friendly

  • Real time view based on SAP standard scheduling data from work orders

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