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Warranty Manager

Effectively manage warranties

The Collaborit Warranty Manager assists organizations to effectively identify, track and manage potential parts, equipment and service warranty claims against a vendor.



Warranty Manager enables the end-to-end warranty claims process from the automatic identification of potential claims, through to receiving payments from vendors on successful claims. It is not dependent on the cumbersome standard SAP serialization functionality.

Key Features:

Recording, tracking and successfully claiming warranties from vendors is challenging and requires a high level of process integration and system discipline across engineering, supply chain and finance.

Warranty Manager assists organizations to effectively identify, track and manage potential parts, equipment, and service warranty claims against a vendor.  All stakeholders are involved – from the artisan that removes the relevant part, to engineering that decides whether to proceed with the claim, to supply chain that engages the vendor.

The easy-to-use configurable interface helps to set up warranty condition records for spare parts, and equipment and functional locations set up according to different vendor warranty terms. This includes deals with warranties from date of installation or date of delivery to stores via a single screen from where to view and manage all warranty claims.

Automation improves effectiveness and efficiency by specifying configurable and sometimes complex logic, to automatically identify and log potential claims. It does not require SAP MM serialization for the unique identification of items under warranty. Information about the claim and the processing of steps are performed automatic as far as possible to reduce the administrative burden on you.

All the relevant touch points between departments and processes such as Work Management (Work Order and Notifications), Inventory Management, Procurement and Accounts Receivable are completely integrated with Warranty Manager.

The solution measures and reports compliance of the warranty claims process plus potential and realized financial benefits.

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