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Schedule and track shared tools

Tool Manager

The Collaborit Tool Manager Solution tracks the issuing and return , as well as the maintenance and calibration of shared Tools.



Tool Manager tracks the issuing and return, plus the maintenance and calibration of shared tools. It controls access to tool stores and interface with identification and access solutions such as RFID, biometric and barcode scanning.

Key Features:

Managing the effective utilization of expensive shared tools and tracking the whereabouts thereof, means a significant saving for an organization and improvement in the efficiency of work execution.

Tool Manager allows for the scheduling and booking of tools against a personnel number and reports provide visibility of tool issues and returns.  Barcode scanning, RFID, biometric and facial recognition can be used for identity verification, access control and tool issue/return.

Easy-to-Use Interface & Third-Party System Compatibility Utilizes standard SAP install/dismantle functionality with functional locations and equipment from a single screen. The solution is compatible with third-party identification systems such as RFID, biometrics, and barcode scanners.

With tool tracking visibility, the status of each tool is available in a tracking report enabling the management of outstanding, in repair and tools booked out on Work Orders. Tools are issued against a responsible person by typing the personnel number, reading an RFID, biometric or barcode scanning identification.

Tool maintenance (inspections and repairs) and calibration are triggered and tracked using Tool Manager. Tools that are flagged for maintenance cannot be issued to Work Orders until the status is reset.

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