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 Script, automate, simplify and embed the RECO Management Process within SAP.

RECO Manager

The Collaborit RECO Manager provides a fully customizable solution to script, automate, simplify and embed the RECO Management Process within SAP

 Key Features

  • Seamless Integration: Fully scripted and embedded RECO Management Process in SAP ECC6 or S/4 HANA, launched from a single transaction.

  • Customizable Configuration: Tailor the solution to meet your unique requirements.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Track Rotable and Repairable Spares, review historical records, and monitor costs.

  • Automated Processing: Streamline various objects within the process with automation.

  • Approval Workflows: Ensure necessary approvals are obtained before proceeding with certain steps.

  • Gate Release/Waybill Documents: Automatically populate with RECO item information.

  • Supporting Documentation: Easily assign and manage necessary documentation.




  • Ensured Compliance: Embedded processes and steps guarantee user adherence, facilitating quicker adoption of process updates.

  • Custom Serialization: Manage serialization for RECO as mandatory or optional, based on configuration.

  • Background Automation: Eliminate multiple manual steps with automated processing.

  • Efficient Gate Release: Prepopulated Gate Release with all system-captured information.

  • Approval Control: Prevent continuation without required approvals for specific steps.

  • Documentation Management: Ensure required documentation is uploaded before proceeding.

  • Unified Dashboard: View and report the status and location of all RECO items from a single interface.

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