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Reflect real-time expenditure against contracts.

Payment Certificate


The Collaborit Payment Certificate Workbench assist the Project Team with the Payment Certificate Process and reflect the most up to date expenditure against contracts as well as payment history and payment approvals.

Reporting Example – Payment Certificate​

Payment Certificates Workbench

Payment Certificates Workbench provides additional functionality in SAP ECC. Its aim is to assist the project team with the Payment Certification Process that is typically utilized during the execution of re-measurable contracts.

The documents created through the workbench serves as a statement of evidence that the noted work, or a portion thereof, has been completed. It also serves as a statement that the work has been verified by an architect, engineer, or owner of a construction project, and has been approved for payment by the general contractor.

The workbench extracts data directly from SAP Materials Management. This means the most up-to-date expenditure is reflected against the relevant contracts, as well as payment history and approvals.


Key Features:

Capturing payment requests in SAP ECC against the relevant contracts, means reduced manual inputs as all the vendor data is read directly from SAP Materials Management. The Payments Certificates Workbench also offers reduced manual calculations as all the payment history and approvals are read directly from SAP ECC.

Status approval ensures proper project governance, detailed cost allocation at contract line item level, a checking feature to ensure item budgets are not exceeded, and improved visibility.

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