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Create PM  Notifications on a Mobile Device

Notification App

Notification App provides a device agnostic mobile solution for creating PM Notifications on an intuitive user interface, guiding the user through the process in a simple step-by-step wizard.



Collaborit’s Notification App provides a device agnostic mobile solution for creating PM notifications on an intuitive user interface. It guides you through the process in a simple step-by-step wizard.

Key Features

The Notification App is a 100% device agnostic mobile solution that can also run on a desktop or tablet.

Only relevant information is requested in each step, and interaction with you is tailored according to your knowledge and experience. All of this happens while the information is being translated in the background to SAP ECC terminology.

Some solutions require new credentials to access the app. The Notification App solution uses current SAP ECC credentials and reuses what is in SAP ECC, thereby minimizing enrolment, or authorization maintenance. The option of unauthenticated access is also available.

The Simple Wizard process guides you through the steps required to create notifications.  


An example of this follows:

Step 1 – Identify problem asset/functional location

Step 2 – Categorize and prioritize the notification

Step 3 – Contact details and problem description

From the review screen you can adjust your input at any stage. The Notification App gives you the ability to print directly from the review screen while it keeps track of notifications logged. Technical information can be displayed for the more technical users.

The handling of SAP ECC error messages allows you to correct issues. Notification creation takes place in real-time in SAP ECC, and any error messages are returned to the app for you to handle. These errors are usually unforeseen errors as the process takes care of basic validation during the step-by-step wizard (e.g. length/number validation).

Data validation and lookups from SAP ECC ensures notifications are correctly captured upfront, minimizing error messages on actual notifications created: This includes asset and functional location lookup from SAP ECC; plant lookup from SAP ECC enhanced with GPS triangulation on supported devices; employee lookup as per user profile in SAP ECC; and duplicate notification check based on identified asset.

The intuitive and customisable question tree determines SAP ECC Priority, Affect and Notification types (maintenance vs malfunction). Priority is automatically determined by answering easy questions. Each answer may trigger additional questions; and answers to questions may determine the notification to be invalid and cancel the process at this stage. The Notification App conforms to SAP UX best practices – SAPUI5 and Fiori.

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