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Land Mining

indurad grew out of a research project at  Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies AMT of (formerly IMR, BGMR and IBH) RWTH Aachen. The R&D project addressed the developing 3D radar technology for operator assistance solutions in the mining industry, as both operator assistance in mining were missing as well as suited sensor technologies as replacement for laser and ultrasonic.


Collaborit is pleased to announce our newly formed partnership with indurad, a global provider of state-of-the-art radar sensor technology and software to the mining, metals, and materials handling industries.


“At Collaborit we continue our strive to connect the SAP systems of our customers with real-world operational data. Our asset performance, life cycle and predictive analytics solutions developed within SAP benefits from accurate and accessible data points directly from the equipment. indurad’s suite of sensors and software provide us with the ability to obtain equipment location, movement and condition together with material throughput and location (4D Voxel Models) which we are then able to feed into the optimization models within our SAP solutions.”, says Jannie Potgieter Collaborit Group CEO.


Reik Winkel indurad CEO: “Operational data must be turned into business and commercial related insights and for that, it makes a lot of sense to absorb the outputs from OT technology such as what indurad provides. indurad radar sensors are designed to operate under environmental harsh conditions supplying clients reliable, accurate and real-time data so critically needed for the new industrial revolution. Collaborit has excellent insights when it comes to the contribution of asset performance to the business objectives of complex mining operations. We are very excited about the paring of our technology with the Collaborit asset management offering to derive additional value for our customers.”

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