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Enhanced Measuring Points

Improve Maintenance Through Driven Measuring Points.

The Collaborit Enhanced Measuring Point solution enable users to create and assign rules to Measuring Points in order to prevent incorrect capturing of readings or, trigger actions for condition based maintenance strategies.

Enhanced Measuring Points

Thanks to Collaborit’s Enhanced Measuring Points, you can create and assign rules to Measuring Points. This will aid in preventing the incorrect capturing of readings or, triggering of actions (mail, SMS, notification) for condition-based maintenance strategies. It also allows you to review measuring point history and auto update annual estimates.

Collaborit’s Enhanced Measuring Points Solution has three main purposes namely to check and prevent incorrect readings, provide condition-based triggers for proactive maintenance, and allow for the automatic updating of the annual estimates using the measuring point history.

Key Features: 

Incorrect readings on measuring points linked to maintenance plans can cause the incorrect calculation of call dates which can result in either Work Order being created too late, or too early. In extreme cases it can also lead to the incorrect creation of tens, hundreds or even thousands of work orders requiring cumbersome clean-up and corrections.

Through Collaborit’s Enhanced Measuring Points Solution, rules can be created and linked to multiple Measuring Points to check and prevent incorrect readings. As an example: an hour meter reading difference cannot exceed the actual time lapse since the previous reading. It is possible to setup rules to either create a warning or an error message when specific rule criteria, is true.

SAP Standard offers calendar based (e.g. weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) as well as counter-based strategies (e.g. run hours, cycles, distance, etc.) on Maintenance Plans.  Standard functionality is however not available to a user for the creation of triggers on condition type Measuring Points e.g. temperature, vibration, pressure, etc.

With Collaborit’s Enhanced Measuring Points Solution, rules can be created to check the condition-based readings and trigger events such as email, SMS, create notifications, create Work Order, and call a Maintenance Plan.

Often organizations do not review and update the Annual Estimates on Measuring Points which can result in inaccurate calculation of Maintenance Plan call dates.

The Enhanced Measuring Points Solution provides functionality to report and review readings for multiple Measuring Points. This report can indicate the current Annual Estimate as well as the proposed average annual estimate calculated from reading history. The proposed estimates can be left as calculated or specified directly in the report from where the Annual Estimate field in the selected Measuring Points are updated automatically.

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