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SAP EAM Best Practice Work Management & Master Data Configuration Set

Work Management Config Set is a culmination of the Collaborit team’s 20 years’ experience implementing SAP PM/SAP EAM. We considered the key objectives of any system - to facilitate processes and provide information/reports for operational and decision-making purposes - plus requirements and prescriptions from standards such as ISO5500x, GFMAM, IAM, etc.


Key Features:

What’s the best way to configure SAP PM/SAP EAM? We often hear complaints that SAP PM/SAP EAM does not support the processes or reporting requirements for Asset Management. In our experience, it is not SAP but rather the incorrect way in which it is configured that results in insufficient process and reporting support. The most common errors are where the same field is configured with values representing different elements, processes or reporting requirements. 


Here’s an example: The Maintenance Activity Type contains values for different types of work like inspections, services, repairs, etc; plus values representing different trades like mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, etc; and values for different processing indicators like breakdown, preventive, planned, unplanned, etc.

Where proper system design principals have not been applied it is impossible to provide users with a solution that is clear and unambiguous. This results in the incorrect capturing of transactions and makes it impossible to fully support processes or produce useful reports.

At Collaborit, we have used our extensive experience in both Asset Management and System Design to produce a Config Set that fully caters for all EAM process and reporting requirements. Each field and its use is clearly defined, and the value options are mutually exclusive resulting in a setup that is easy to understand and use.

Asset Management principles are universal, and the Collaborit Config Set has been successfully implemented across multiple industries including mining, FMCG, milling, manufacturing, services, utilities and, oil and gas.


The solution includes the following components: Detail Configuration Documentation; and Blueprint and Training Documentation.

Typical training material teaches system transactions. But it doesn’t teach you what Work Management is about and how to execute proper Work Management processes. Collaborit compiled a training module “Work Management in SAP” to teach you the theory and the practice of Work Management.

The course contains all definitions and processes drilling into detail for each SAP transaction.

Collaborit created a process flow format called the Embedded Best Practices Work Management process. It’s easy to read and describes each step of the Work Management Process in detail. The Process Flow can be used as a work instruction guide and is incorporated into the detail training material.

 Its main benefits are that it offers well thought through SAP PM/SAP EAM configuration blueprint which takes the guess work out of the configuration design. The rapid implementation of SAP PM/SAP EAM is done by fine tuning a foundationally sound design without the need to start from scratch. Further time and cost saving with applicable pre-populated master data sets are offered, and built-in best practice work management processes. The process flow also offers training that includes the theory and practical aspects of asset management, all the way down to transaction and field level processing in SAP. It truly is a SAP PM/SAP EAM solution that caters for all process and reporting requirements.

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