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Asset Cost &
Lifecycle Manager

Compile accurate budgets and forecasts directly from your maintenance plans

Accurate and up to date budget, actual, commitment and forecast figures for the full life cycle of the equipment based on SAP EAM planning and execution data.


Receive accurate and up-to-date budget, actual, commitment and forecast figures for the full life cycle of the equipment – all based on SAP EAM planning and execution data.

Collaborit’s Asset Cost and Lifecycle Manager is an end-to-end solution that allows you to accurately budget and report on maintenance cost over the full life cycle of your assets. It provides all the functionality to compile budgets and forecasts from SAP Maintenance Plans and report the associated committed and actual cost from Maintenance Orders.

Actual, committed, and forecast figures can be mapped to the original budget on a detail level down to individual equipment and maintenance activities. Variables such as labour, material, and contract cost as well as equipment utilization and maintenance event frequencies can be categorised over the life of the asset to produce Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models.

Decisions on the allocation of funds can now be made based on proactive maintenance activities and the adjustment thereof. The effort to perform scenario simulations, budgets and forecasts is significantly reduced.

Key features include:

  • a true “Zero based” budgeting solution with granularity at line item cost level

  • uses a single source of data for Budget/Forecast determination, that is the same for work execution and the tracking of actual expenditure. No data duplication/manipulation required to support a Maintenance Budget Process

  • is fully embedded in the SAP Digital core (ECC6 or S/4 HANA), yet completely contained in the Collaborit namespace, with no impact on standard SAP code

  • is fully S/4 HANA compliant

  • coding is optimized for use on HANA database

  • is highly configurable

  • Includes powerful master data checks

  • provides a “fit for purpose” UI with role-based transaction menus showing only role relevant functions

  • exposes all data through CDS views for consumption by any BI solution, allowing flexible options for Analytics as per customer requirements

  • has been in development for the last 7 years and is continuously improved upon through collaboration with our customers

  • efficiently deals with significant data volumes with matching performance

  • is globally supported by a highly experienced team of solution specialists and subject matter experts


Benefits :

  • Significant reduction in complexity and effort to compile the Maintenance Budget

  • Enables collaboration between all budget owners/approvers and process co-ordination on one platform

  • Simple yet powerful master data compliance check capability ensures confidence in the source data feeding into the Budget/Forecast

  • Budget determination logic/methodology is institutionalized in a central system, as opposed to in the heads of individuals

  • All budget/forecast results underpinned by line item detail to ensure explanation/justification of all costs included

  • Near real-time analytics enable timeous response to budget variance exceptions

  • Improves the credibility of the maintenance budget process and output

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