What Jan Delport from Exxaro has to say about Collaborit…

I have come quite a long way (around sixteen years) with Collaborit. First through Kumba and now Exxaro. I have always found them to be completely professional and always willing to assist. We have a very good work relationship. It is also always nice to talk to people who are also passionate about maintenance.

Collaborit’s products are of the highest standard and it is easy to trust them to find solutions to existing problems in our industry.

They have done a lot of work for us over the years. I work closely with their developers and they are committed to their work. If I phone them at twelve at night, they will be more than willing to start up their computers and assist me as needed.

The relationship between Exxaro and Collaborit have certainly been worthwhile for us.

Senior SAP PM Support Specialist from Exxaro, Jan Delport

EAM Solutions Safripol

What Peet Els from Safripol has to say about Collaborit…

To Whom It May Concern

As from 2016 our company has been working with Collaborit SAP EAM Solutions on numerous SAP PM enhancements. The company offers a high quality service and are subject matter experts within their respective field. Their executive team is also actively involved in the research, development and delivery of their solutions and services. The company has also demonstrated commitment toward the timely and effective response in addressing any problems and support requirements.

One of our business improvement strategies was to develop a Total Asset Management Environment for Safripol. For us as a company, a very specific solution was required. Collaborit SAP EAM Solutions was selected to provide the Plant Maintenance solutions to take us forward. The first system enabler we worked on with Collaborit SAP EAM Solutions was the Work Management Workbench (WMWB). The Work Management Workbench enabled us to be able to implement and embed our work management process into SAP. This was possible by using Collaborit’s “WMWB” solid baseline and template to define the requirements for the work management process which allowed us to automate process steps as far as possible, reduce manual inputs and improve data integrity, status tracking and reporting.

I strongly recommend the services of Collaborit SAP EAM Solutions for all EAM / PM solutions within the SAP platform and I am looking forward to working with the company again with our future SAP PM projects.

Maintenance Leader from Safripol, Peet Els


The Collaborit Work Management Workbench

It is with great pleasure to have been given this opportunity to write this feedback.

With the launch of our Asset Management Process initiative a few years back, major emphases was placed on Work Management. We were experiencing poor discipline, many grey areas, overlaps of certain rolls and responsibilities between the different Maintenance disciplines.

In an effort to put more structure in place and to facilitate the process we considered different options (software tools) available to address our particular situation. After an intensive evaluation process consisting of presentations and training sessions, the Collaborit software package addressed all our needs successfully.

Their development of the Work Management Work Bench located in the kernel of SAP-PM specifically focuses on the practical implementation of Work Management excellence within the SAP environment. This process is an in depth (detail) description of functions rolls and responsibilities as per the work management cycle and the software is accompanied by detailed training material.

In many of the areas where Planners were performing the planning  and scheduling functions, they did not have the time or understanding to properly execute either of the functions fully resulting in the execution team not functioning optimally with an inadequate wrench time.  This tool also made it possible to motivate the position of Scheduler on some of the major plants.  This process has been rolled out across various plants with an ever improving success.

Senior Consultant, SAP Plant Maintenance, ArcelorMittal, Marius Matthee


The Collaborit Technical Object Workbench

Master data integrity forms such an integral part of the proper management of projects. Unfortunately, the importance thereof and the impact that a lack of data integrity can have on a business is often misunderstood. Not to mention the potential costs involved in ensuring proper management thereof.

Someone who understands the complexity and necessity of a reliable data integrity management system is Senior SAP PM Support Specialist from Exxaro, Jan Delport. “Even though it might seem obvious that master data integrity should be a priority, it is often the last thing people pay attention to”, says Delport.

Collaborit and Exxaro engaged in a joint development program to refine the Technical Object Workbench (TOWB) tool in a real-world environment, whilst ensuring that the tool provides the proposed value to the business.

Since Exxaro started using the TOWB around 5 months ago, the company has ensured the integrity of its master data by reducing the human factor involved. Delport explains that when one considers the amount of function location requests that needs to be dealt with (currently at a growth of around 30 000 per year) along with the already existing 400 000, it would be easy for one person to make mistakes when handling the requests. By eliminating the human factor, the speed and accuracy at which function locations can be created is not comparable to the previous system they used.

“I have never encountered a tool like this. It works perfectly”, says Delport. “The integrity of our functional locations is by far the biggest benefit to this system.”

With more than 25 years’ experience in the field, Delport knows all too well what influence human factor can have on data integrity. By being able to customise the rules in the TOWB it is possible to easily pick up on mistakes that might have previously gone unnoticed.

“This tool changed the way Exxaro managed master data and at a fraction of the cost of appointing someone to manage your master data, we use the TOWB without any human error … it works like a charm”, says Delport.


The Collaborit Asset Cost and Lifecycle Manager

For most organisations with a significant asset base, the challenge of accurate prediction and justification of maintenance cost budget, and forecast costs, is of high priority. Especially when considering that maintenance cost can compose up to 40% of an overall budget.

“From a plant maintenance perspective, capital is very important because without capital one won’t be able to maintain one’s asset base”, says Senior SAP PM Support Specialist from Exxaro, Jan Delport.

Standard SAP doesn’t have a budgeting tool, yet budgeting is one of plant maintenance’s most important elements. Without a standard budgeting tool, it is impossible to maintain hundreds of thousands of assets.

Delport explains that their previous system was a lot more primitive and quite a bit more labour intensive but with MCBF they now have much more functionality.

“Collaborit and Exxaro developed MCBF and the reporting now runs on Business Warehouse. We can now take our maintenance plan in the Forecast model and get up to date and accurate estimates of the costs involved in asset maintenance”, says Delport.

With the significantly better functionality offered by MCBF Exxaro is able to accurately and effectively manage their maintenance budget.

“At the press of a button I can see an accurate budget for the year”, says Delport.

Jan Delport


Collaborit OmniPrint implemented at Exxaro

Unique challenges require unique solutions and Collaborit’s OmniPrint bids a solution to a fundamental need that many international third-party companies were unable to address in South Africa.

Jan Delport, Senior SAP PM Support Specialist from Exxaro, explains, “previously, servers had to be brought in at great costs. These servers were installed on each site to manage the printing process. The solution worked, but the moment the server would go offline, we’d sit with a problem.”

South Africa’s infrastructure is not on the same level as internationally and what might have worked abroad, needed a uniquely South African solution here. Exxaro approached Collaborit to find this remedy: a SAP integrated print solution that wasn’t reliant on unreliable and expensive servers.

“The way I understand it, this is a first for SAP”, says Delport. With the previous system it was impossible to know if a newer version of an order was available. Considering that a couple of weeks could go by between an order being created and actually printing the order, mistakes would slip through and older versions of orders would get printed. With OmniPrint, the system will warn you that a newer version of an order is available, eliminating this problem completely and ensuring compliance with regulation.

“With the OmniPrint, we now have double the functionality at a fraction of the cost”, says Delport. “As long as SAP is running, we can print. With servers you sit with a lot of maintenance and unreliability. We don’t have to worry anymore.”


EOH Housing

A Billion Rand Engineering Expansion Proiect

It was an absolute pleasure and great peace of mind to engage into such a large proiect with a partner like Collaborit Engineering Services (CES) offering their highly skilled and experienced engineers and project management staff. We look forward to our next venture.

EOH BU Manager - Morne van Zyl

Debswana Diamond Mine

Debswana Diamond Mine

Colaborit Engineering Services (CES) has provided a professional service with regards to the evaluation of the Structural Integrity of our aging plants. Their results and feedback demonstrated that they are a leader in their industry and it has impacted the way we look at our long term management of assets. It is a pleasure to work with knowledgeable and committed resources to deliver quality results and improved value for the organization.

Lead Engineer Mechanical, Civil and Structural, Hennie Fourie

Anglo Platinum

Anglo American Platinum

Anglo American Platinum has engaged the services of Collaborit Structural Integrity Management to assess the condition of and develop long term structural strategies for two of its old concentrator plants.  The quality of their work, commitment to deliver on their Promises on schedule and their overall work ethic is commendable.  The output of their work added significant value to the business and changed the way the company approaches structural integrity management.

Principal Engineer, Anglo American - De Wet Strydom



Thank-you for the service you have rendered SAPPI Ngodwana. The inspection greatly assisted us to understand the condition of our structures and how and where to focus attention in terms of the repair and Preventative maintenance. The reports are professional and easy to understand.

Boiler Mechanical Engineer, SAPPI - Johan Kok

Enaleni Engineering & Technology

Enaleni requested Collaborit Engineering Services to assist with engineering design, the work was completed in time and great quality. CES team was very professional and detailed.

Managing Director, Enaleni Engineering & Technology - Sicelo Myen