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Gantt and Calendar Views of Maintenance Schedules

Graphical Scheduler is a UI5/Fiori based scheduler of work order headers and operations providing both a Gantt and Calendar view of the SAP ECC or S/4 data.


The Graphical Scheduler is a UI5/Fiori-based scheduler of work order headers and operations. It provides both a Gantt and Calendar view of the SAP ECC or S/4 data.

Key Features

The drag-and-drop functionality enables you to easily re-schedule operations, set constraints, amend working hours, and confirm an order. Data can also be overlaid with work centre capacities and working hours. This ensures accurate and realistic scheduling of operations.

Collaborit’s Graphic Scheduler provides a modern and intuitive user interface. The modern UI provides a graphical representation of work order header and operations. It is intuitive and easy to use with familiar controls and concepts.

The easy-to-use Gantt Chart with its Critical Path View provides a scheduling focused view of SAP ECC or S/4 data. The order header and operations are visualized in a hierarchy with start and end dates, constraints, and durations. You can view a visualization of critical path of orders and operations. Work centre capacities can be overlaid, and the different colours means ease of identifying overloaded work centres. Specific work centre working hours are visualized for accurate scheduling.

The simplified Calendar View for Effective Work Assignment allows orders to be re-scheduled like appointments in a calendar. Operations can be depicted as appointments in a work order, or alternatively, operations can be depicted under the assigned work centre. Operations can be re-scheduled by dragging and dropping it to a new time slot, and it can be visually moved to a different work centre.

Data can be directly updated into SAP ECC or S/4 through the Graphical Scheduler. Any relevant order and operation data can be exposed on Graphical Scheduler and visualized. Data can be updated as per SAP ECC or S/4 rules for maintaining data, and new relationships can be created directly on the Gantt view. The drag-and-drop functionality makes re-scheduling of operations and setting constraints easy.

The auto-scheduling of follow-on orders and operations can be turned on or off. Changes and scheduling can be simulated graphically before the data is saved. This allows for tweaking and refining of the plan before a single update or save is executed on SAP ECC or S/4 with the final data.

All data is read directly from SAP ECC or S/4 , and scheduling is tightly coupled in the SAP ECC or S/4 back-end. Any updates are made directly to objects in SAP ECC or S/4 . SAP ECC’s scheduling logic is reused and existing configuration on the system will take effect.

The capacity management view is a representation of work allocated to work centres. This is based on calendar and GANTT views, with capacity loading data and drag-and-drop ability to re-schedule orders and operations.

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