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Collaborit SAP EAM & EPPM

At Collaborit SAP Services we specialize in the implementation, improvement and utilization of SAP EAM (SAP PM) and SAP EPPM (SAP PS). Our team has vast experience implementing effective, efficient and practical best practices within SAP and over the past 20 years we have refined our configuration and master data design which we have rolled out at multiple customers across various industries including mining, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, oil and gas and many more.

We developed the Collaborit EAM and EPPM Delivery Models where we start with real world business objectives followed by Key Performance Measures and lastly the SAP Configuration Set and Enhanced Solutions to support the business objectives and reporting requirements.

Our SAP EAM and EPPM Services include:

  • Implementations and Improvements
  • Health Check and Maturity Assessments
  • Training and Coaching
  • Master data improvement & management
  • Maintenance Planning Office Support

Please contact us should you require more detail on our offering.


+27 (0)12 665 4990

Collaborit EAM+ for SAP Services

Collaborit combines deep experience with proven methodologies and solutions to manage the integrity of structures, ensuring they will go the distance.