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Energy efficiency accommodation in capital projects

Development or review of energy efficiency requirements and specifications.

Collaborit provides professional services to capital projects to develop or review the energy efficiency requirements and specifications for all compressed air systems, conveyor belts, electric motor drives, pump systems, lighting, and fuel usage.


  • Poorly incorporated energy efficiency standards in capital projects
  • Implementation of ‘buy green’ procurement policies
  • Sustainability and futureproofing in equipment selection.

Key Offering

The objective of an energy efficiency (EE) specification is to provide useful guidance on new system design and EE improvements on existing system. Collaborit can assist with energy efficient specifications for:

  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Conveyor Belt Systems
  • Electric motor drives
  • Pumping Systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Fuel usage

This EE specifications are provided in terms of the technology, equipment, operation, and performance (POET) framework. The EE specifications are classified when possible in groups of world’s best practices, international and national standards and company standards.

The feasibility of using energy efficiency technologies such as energy efficient motors, leak management or optimal component design shall be to be evaluated based on the investment cost incurred to achieve energy saving and resulting cost saving.

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