Asset Management Engineering Services

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Collaborit is geared to provide services at the highest levels of the organization where strategies and policies are managed to the lowest levels where the asset is handled and just about everything in between with SAP EAM and SAP EPPM.

  • We are not a burden to our clients – we do less facilitation and more heavy-lifting.
  • We control and therefore take responsibility for the end-to-end delivery quality

Dealing with the roots and fruits of failure events effectively and efficiently


  • Being too busy firefighting to become stable and preventive.
  • Resolving failures once – they do not come back once resolved.
  • Analysing failure data to rank the failures according to priority.
  • Identifying and solving actual root causes, not just general issues.
  • Selecting solutions that will be effective to resolve the root causes.
  • Ranking and selecting solutions to efficiently resolve the root causes.

Key Offering

  • Root cause analyses
    • 5-why (or 5-by-5-why) analysis.
    • Modified fault tree method – combining the best parts of barrier analyses, FMECAs, and Ishikawa (fishbone) analyses.
  • Impact tree analysis – Quantitative risk analyses with impact interdependencies.
  • Solution suitability analysis – Cynefin mapping.
  • Solution interdependency analysis and subsequent ROI, NPV, and payback periods.
  • RCFA coaching.


Collaborit Engineering Services & Solutions

Collaborit combines deep experience with proven methodologies and solutions to manage the integrity of structures, ensuring they will go the distance.