Asset Management Engineering Services

PAM Services & Support

Collaborit is geared to provide services at the highest levels of the organization where strategies and policies are managed to the lowest levels where the asset is handled and just about everything in between with SAP EAM and SAP EPPM.

  • We are not a burden to our clients – we do less facilitation and more heavy-lifting.
  • We control and therefore take responsibility for the end-to-end delivery quality

Services and support for the planning office, maintenance (and reliability) engineers, and engineering managers


  • Ensuring that the designs will be integrated adequately into the organization.
  • Ensuring that the entire life of the design has been taken into consideration.
  • Ensuring that the project will hand over everything that the owners or users will need.
  • Value engineering the designs to keep the TCO as low as possible.
  • Managing components in the system (configuration) that have the highest impacts on the overall reliability.
  • Determining whether redundancy will be better than buying high quality components.
  • Improving the quality of engineering specifications and requirements.
  • Ensuring that controls in designs are workable and practical for maintenance personnel.

Key Offering

  • Maintenance planning office services and support
    • Master Data
    • Maintenance plans
    • Work planning & scheduling
    • Performance management
  • Maintenance- and reliability engineering services and support
    • Reliability programs
    • Reliability modelling and data analysis
    • Diagnostics and prognostics.
  • Physical Asset Management and Physical Asset Management System services and support
    • Project or capital buying handovers
    • Systems engineering – specifications and requirements analysis
    • Value engineering
    • Configuration management
    • Business process engineering
    • Business cases
    • Architecture, functional, and technical designs for IM solutions
    • Training- and change management

Collaborit Engineering Services & Solutions

Collaborit combines deep experience with proven methodologies and solutions to manage the integrity of structures, ensuring they will go the distance.