Asset Management Engineering Services

Asset Intervention Timing Plans

Collaborit is geared to provide services at the highest levels of the organization where strategies and policies are managed to the lowest levels where the asset is handled and just about everything in between with SAP EAM and SAP EPPM.

  • We are not a burden to our clients – we do less facilitation and more heavy-lifting.
  • We control and therefore take responsibility for the end-to-end delivery quality

Expected loss modelling to determine the best timing for any major intervention


  • Comparing the risk of the equipment failing with the cost of capital.
  • Saving capital – safely stretching the equipment’s life.
  • Building risk models without data that was gathered throughout the life of the asset.
  • Having a lot of diagnostic data, but not knowing how to use it for end-of-life predictions or decision making.

Key Offering

  • The union of actuarial science and reliability modelling – prognostics combined with quantitative risk analysis.
  • Risk, costs, and performance compared accurately – quantified as expected losses (money).
  • Scientifically backed techniques to obtain accurate data from personnel.
  • Remarkably intuitive process for first line supervisors and artisans.
  • Take forecasts or scenarios of the market and exchange rates into consideration.
  • Rapid modelling – refine only where most uncertainty resides.


Collaborit Engineering Services & Solutions

Collaborit combines deep experience with proven methodologies and solutions to manage the integrity of structures, ensuring they will go the distance.