Asset Management Engineering Services

Asset Integrity Management

Collaborit is geared to provide services at the highest levels of the organization where strategies and policies are managed to the lowest levels where the asset is handled and just about everything in between with SAP EAM and SAP EPPM.

  • We are not a burden to our clients – we do less facilitation and more heavy-lifting.
  • We control and therefore take responsibility for the end-to-end delivery quality

Asset centric assessments and services to make sure that asset management reaches your assets


  • Having a world-class EAM system and organization, but it seems that your assets do not know it.
  • Work planning & control (routine work management) being just a paper exercise or job ticket issuing system.
  • Knowing which assets carry the biggest risks right now.
  • Knowing whether assets are sufficiently covered with maintenance plans and inspections.
  • Knowing if the work instructions are executed according to instructions.

Key Offering

  • Bottom-up (asset centric) assessments and services.
  • Deep experience base to draw from.
  • Vital diagnostics checked, not just a ‘look and listen’ walk-through inspection.
  • Inspections and maintenance plans focused on asset integrity.
  • Set up your SAP EAM system for asset integrity management.
  • Online condition monitoring integration into SAP.


Collaborit Engineering Services & Solutions

Collaborit combines deep experience with proven methodologies and solutions to manage the integrity of structures, ensuring they will go the distance.